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New-Age SEO is coming fast! Are you ready?

As the Google Algorithm changes for SEO in the new-age, we are always doing our research to develop content that goes. MCNM does not just develop websites for people and companies. First, to develop digital marketing strategies is our main focus. With that, comes SEO. Which is where we start. It always starts with the domain name. When starting off, we try to make your domain name your most popular keyword. Then build around that. Next, we follow the rules of Google which is building the most relevant and informative content which takes research. Google it to see what the top-ranking sites are for the topic and find what they may be lacking which could be location-specific.

For instance, we once work with a company called Family Court Help Line. It is simple, to the point and there is no guessing about what they do. They are ranking very well on Google in most of Las Vegas because it is a niche market that is not being covered. However, we do digital marketing which an overly saturated field. Just like Real Estate. For us to rank high on Google, we have to really do something that no one else is doing and become pretty famous for it. At this point, we are the only ones that we know of in the Las Vegas area with a set it and forget it strategy. MCNM uses Machine Learning and Google AI technology to develop your site to be interactive with your audience without you even having to be there.

What is Machine Learning?

According to Wikipedia, Machine learning (ML) is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience. It is a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that uses algorithms to build a model based on sample data, known as "training data", in order to make predictions or decisions without being programmed to do so. Our friends at MailChimp uses the same concept with their huge database of people's information. So does Facebook. They are geniuses at getting people to spill the beans about themselves. Then they turn around and let us buy the data and place the info you like right there in front of you.

SEO Tools.

With all of the SEO tools and so called experts out there. It is difficult for the little guy to get ahead. We know that not everyone has the funds to pay some expensive SEO Specialist to work with them. We have all the tools you need to manage your SEO.

Take your business visibility to the next level!

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