7 Practical SEO Tips To Get Started Today

Here are 7 Practical SEO Tips To Get Started Today if you want to get your SEO started off on the right foot.

Have a good keyword panel:

Words that have a lot of searches usually also have a lot of “pollution” built-in.
Take the case of the word “ Leadership ”: Google averages 33,100 monthly searches. However, people may be looking for books on Leadership, leading companies in reference, etc. Your conversion may not be good at that word (leads
that is not your target audience or are starting to search for this term).
You may be wanting to write about leading a team. This term has 1,000 monthly searches and the result tends to be much better in terms of conversion because besides focusing on terms with more purchase intent, they are not at the top of the sales funnel. For more information about affordable SEO, you can check at Glamy SEO Service

Quality content:

To be a reference you will have to produce great texts and thus get links that point to your website (or blog, in this case), also called backlinks. There is no other way!
Note that the post does not start by discussing page optimization techniques and
the reason is very simple: there is no point in optimizing your page if your posts
are shallow and there are no links from other sites pointing to you.
Read everything you find about your market and industry. Your business should be seen as a great engine for writing posts and you should be better than your competitors to talk about it. One of the entrepreneur ‘s successes factors is
This podcast with Emilia Chagas from Contentools discusses a little more about different types of content on the buying journey. Worth listening to!

Link Building:

Invest in a relationship with partner blogs by writing Guest Posts for them. Rather than just exchanging casual and sporadic links with other blogs, you create a relationship and network of people who value your content. And in return, you make links to your partner site. But don’t abuse: one link per post is great! If you produce good text and start appearing in search, you’ll be invited to write on other blogs, and the gear will keep spinning faster and faster.
Among the affordable SEO, expert tips are the most important: Many websites focus on On-Page SEO techniques but neglect partner blogs. You will have to do both if you want to speed up your organic positioning.

SEO On Page Tips:


As stated earlier, it is critical to producing content for better placement on search engines, as well as attracting new customers and leads. In this sense, the best tool to support your content is WordPress.
WordPress is a CMS, from the English Content Manager System, or even
Portuguese, Content Manager System. Best of all, WordPress is an easy-to-use,
open-source system with a vast network of programmers and users. This gives
WordPress a great advantage as it has a huge range of plugins.
They add amazing functionality, literally boost your system. Today you can use WordPress even for e-commerce, only with plugins. We list below the most

  • WordPress SEO (by Yoast): This plugin allows you to track live blog posts and see which SEO tips your text already includes and which ones you still need to attack. The diagnosis is fast and works very well. This plugin acts as if you were your private affordable SEO consultant. As you edit your content/post, it will evaluate and guide you where and how you improve your post.

In addition to filling in the title and keyword in focus, it allows you to write the page meta description and see a snippet preview of what it would look like on Google.

  • All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets: Plug-in that allows you to write a
    summary at the end of the post, with a description of the content, an image, and author. Essential if your blog has videos because it helps Google understand metadata and rank what’s on that page, improving the way content is displayed on the search engine and raising its rank.
    It is important to keep in mind that websites are crawled and indexed by bots. Bots are “robots” that scan the internet and index every page of websites around the world. Despite the formidable functionality of indexing the vast content of the worldwide web, bots don’t “understand” what they wrote on their page.
    Because of this “deficiency”, complex mathematical formulas called algorithms have been created that assigns “weight” (or value) to each page of your site. Let’s say roughly, optimized pages (using SEO techniques) have a greater weight than non-optimized pages. Therefore, because they have more ‘weight’, they will be better placed in the search.
    That all changed in 2011, with the creation of the initiative called schema.org
    (either metadata or rich snippets). This initiative originated in a rare case of union between Google, Bing, and Yahoo who signed protocols together, standardizing metadata. Then, with the use of metadata, bots came to understand the pages they are indexing.
  • WP-Optimize: One of the important variables for search engines is page load time. Therefore, this plug-in helps clean up all the junk that WordPress accumulates (such as proofreading, automatic drafts, trashed items, etc.). This makes the blog faster to load. And the process is as simple as possible: just one click on the “Process” button.

5) Category optimization:

It is highly recommended that you work with categories on your blog so that search engines can better see your content. The categories should also appear in the page slug, as follows: blog. your company. with. BR / category / name – post (.
Choose your blog categories well, validating words with a good amount of searches and cleverly aggregating posts. Here’s the example of Follow the Trail:
EXTRA TIP: In addition, it is essential to fill the categories with the slug (eg blog.
Sigaorastro. With / resources – human ) appropriate and description of what types of posts you find there. This makes their categories also optimized for search engines.

Google Webmaster Tools:

Google provides a tool for you to analyze the top SEO-related inputs from your blog. In this tool, you can check some important aspects as:

  • 404 (and others) errors: Check which pages of your blog are accessed and return this error. For example, you updated the post name and the URL was changed. You will be able to find the old URL and it will be possible to redirect (via the command)
    to the new URL, eliminating these errors;
  • Links to your site: You will be able to identify wrong and unqualified links pointing to your site. If this occurs, a command may be submitted to have Google
    ignore the “strange” website link, thus not affecting its ranking;
  • Sitemaps: This tool is essential for Google indexing to happen quickly and your text is found by the search engines within hours of being published. If you do not have a sitemap yet, we recommend you do so immediately. With the tool, you will be able to track weekly how many pages of your blog Google is crawling.

Also, another very important reason to have your site registered with Google
Webmaster Tools is to monitor the “health” and safety of your site. Please understand if your site is accessible to Googlebot, offline if your hosting DNS is responding correctly, etc. And in terms of security, you can be informed if your site has been compromised by crackers.

Internal Links:

Another factor that needs to be greatly explored in all your blog posts is the
generation of internal links, ie linking the content itself to increase the relevance of themes.
Important Caution: The link must be made to exactly the desired word. For
example, we have a great post about Viral Marketing
Instead of using the link in the word “post” we use it in Viral Marketing, because
that’s what we want to promote.
There are many other relevant affordable SEO expert techniques and tips and the focus of this post was to separate the most vital ones. Within each of the many possibilities open up but the recipe is not complex: hard work, quality content, relationship with blogs and optimized pages. If you do it masterfully time will take care of the rest!

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