8 creative ways to drive Father’s Day sales in your online store

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This post was originally published on May 25, 2018, and was updated on June 10, 2019, and June 3, 2020.

Father’s Day conjures up fond memories of backyard barbecues, relaxing with dad, and time spent bonding and reconnecting. As a business owner, though, planning out Father’s Day sales may not be so relaxing.

Previous Father’s Day campaigns might not cut it in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The “new normal” in 2020 has also included a seismic shift from buying products and services in person to clicking a few buttons online.

In 2019, the National Retail Federation estimated Father’s Day sales would reach more than $16 billion, which was a record for the day when we honor dad. However, no one has a magic wand in 2020 that can accurately predict how much online sales will perform on Father’s Day.

With global retailers such as Kohl’s and Walmart promoting their ecommerce platforms to reduce the amount of foot traffic inside their stores, the time has come for your business to capitalize on the ecommerce trend by implementing eight creative ways to drive sales for your online store on Father’s Day.

Review of the sales funnel

Before we dive into tactics, though, let’s review one of the fundamental principles that makes online marketing a success.

You may have heard me talk and write about the sales funnel and for Father’s Day, you need to develop a strategy that attracts, engages, converts and retains customers.

For example, a landing page that presents the latest products for dad can attract potential customers to your online store. You can engage visitors to your ecommerce store by uploading a video that describes how to use one or more of the newest products in your inventory.

Conversion is all about making the shopping process convenient.


The last thing you want is an online store that frustrates customers to the point when they leave their digital shopping carts abandoned.

Retention is all about following up on every online purchase to receive feedback not only about the product, but also the experience a customer had shopping at your online store.

8 ways to drive ecommerce Father’s Day sales

Follow these steps to help boost your online store’s sales:

  1. Optimize the experience visitors have on your website.
  2. Bundle Father’s Day products.
  3. Run a Father’s Day email marketing campaign.
  4. Get social.
  5. Use video to engage visitors.
  6. Streamline the online shopping experience.
  7. Make your online store mobile-friendly.
  8. Establish a sense of urgency.

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1. Optimize the experience visitors have on your website

Your online store is an extension of your business website. Before you can upload products to your online store, you have to make sure the digital version of your business provides visitors with a customer-friendly experience.

Create a landing page devoted to Father’s Day.


To find the most Googled keywords related to Father’s Day, check out Google Trends. Then make sure you find a way to incorporate those popular keywords on your landing page to increase your visibility on the search engine results page (SERP).

In addition to adding one or more landing pages devoted to dad’s big day, you can upload content that describes the history of Father’s Day and present an article that lists some of the most popular Father’s Day events.

Content is king in the world of digital marketing, and it is important to present content that entertains dads of all ages.

Your business website should also publicize every Father’s Day sales offer that includes discounts and bundled purchases.

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2. Bundle Father’s Day products

Bundling products is an especially effective promotional strategy to help businesses reduce the inventory of items that do not move as fast as some of the best sellers.

It also allows business operators to push certain items that are appropriate to buy for different special events.

Father’s Day sales that include bundling products work especially well for items sold at men’s clothing, home improvement and sporting goods stores.

You could also create a bundle special that is available just for the customers shopping at your ecommerce website. This can help you to drive more traffic online.

Similar to bundling, you can promote a Father’s Day sale that offers a free gift with the purchase of a specific item. “Gift with purchase” promotions make it easier to upsell products, as well as increase the amount of traffic to your online store.

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3. Run a Father’s Day email marketing campaign

Person Using A Laptop To View Email

Here is a statistic that is hard for business owners and operators to ignore: Every $1 spent on email marketing returns on average $44 from the original investment. Because of the incredible success of well-thought-out email marketing programs, you have probably given the longstanding digital marketing practice a shot or two.

For Father’s Day sales, emails targeted to the customers that signed up for your newsletters provide them with inside information about what is going on at your online store.

The key for Father’s Day is to use clear language that motivates your customers to shop with your business online. Let’s look at a few phrases that we refer to as “calls-to-action.”

  • Stop by our online store today
  • Grab a free gift with a purchase
  • Save money on these bundled products
  • Take advantage of our “One Month Before Father’s Day” special
  • Treat Dad to the best Father’s Day ever

Make sure every link that is part of a call-to-action goes to the correct online store product page. Broken links or links that send customers to the wrong pages can lead to the type of frustration that increases the number of abandoned shopping carts.

In addition, it is important to sign customers up to receive your business emails, as well as honor their requests to opt-out of getting your electronic newsletter.

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4. Get social

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are no longer considered optional pieces to the digital marketing puzzle. They represent highly effective ways to get the word out about a Father’s Day sale.

Let’s assume Father’s Day has arrived and you want to make one final push to reach customers. Sending out a tweet about a one-hour only special or posting the news on your company’s Facebook page should generate plenty of last-minute business.

However, getting social on Father’s Day involves much more than sending out messages about last-minute sales.

It is also about running contests.


You can run a contest to reward customers that pay attention to your interactions on sites like Facebook or Instagram. Give away a prize that carries a perceived value, such as a gift card or one of your most popular products.

Make entering a contest an easy process, and place few, if any, restrictions on eligibility requirements such as “no purchase necessary.”

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5. Use video to engage visitors

Bring the strong impact of videos to the Father’s Day marketing table to drive sales for your online store.

Video marketing does not require a Hollywood-type budget, nor does it take Steven Spielberg behind the camera to pull off a successful video.

All it takes is a little imagination and insight into the type of videos that can increase ecommerce sales.

  • A “How to…” video can provide a clear explanation about how to use one of your most frequently used products offered at your online store.
  • An educational video can teach customers about the latest innovations in your niche.
  • You can also entertain viewers with funny insights into your business, as well as hilarious stories told by some of your customers.
  • One idea that has garnered a great deal of watch time is “unboxing videos” where you simply box and wrap a product, only to unwrap it on video. Sounds funny, but it works.

The idea with a Father’s Day video is not to make a hard sales push, but to get customers acquainted with your brand and products in a more casual manner.

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6. Streamline the online shopping experience

As we mentioned, you never want to have customers load up their online shopping carts, and then leave the carts abandoned because the checkout process took too long or worse, had one or more technical glitches that prevented a sale from going through.

You have to make shopping at your online store easy to do, which starts by reducing the number of pages customers have to navigate to get to the checkout counter.

Here are a few tips to make online shopping easier for your customers:

If seeing is believing, then presenting professional images of your products should be the gateway between a customer and the end of the online checkout counter.

Establishing an SSL certificate prevents thieves from stealing important personal financial information, and really it’s a must-have nowadays for any website.

Malfunctioning links and buttons represent another way to disillusion your customers and thus, produce more abandoned online shopping carts (and lost customers).

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7. Make your online store mobile-friendly

Two Smartphones Resting On A Table

According to marketing research, 38% of American consumers use a mobile device to research a product before purchasing.

Although desktop and laptop computers remain the overwhelming choice for consumers to make purchases online, the fact remains that as consumers become more comfortable ordering products via mobile devices, the percentage of sales attributed to mobile devices should increase at a rapid pace.

This means your online store must be easy to access from a smartphone (also known as mobile responsive).

Most ecommerce stores built in the past few years are automatically mobile-responsive, but if your site was built on a platform like WordPress and hasn’t been updated in years, you may run into some issues on mobile devices.

Security is not the only mobile device issue that can derail an online store. You also want to minimize other images besides the images used to promote your products.

The load time of your site is a major factor in retaining Father’s Day customers. Consider using the free Google Site Speed tool to see how quickly your site loads.

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8. Establish a sense of urgency

Father’s Day arrives once a year and, in many cases, it is a holiday that stays on the back burner of our list of things to do. Suddenly, the big day for dad is upon us and we have to scramble to find the right gift.

Establishing a sense of urgency for Father’s Day is not about running several fire drills. It is all about reminding customers that their day to celebrate dads is approaching.

More importantly, creating a sense of urgency can let your customers know that time is running out to take advantage of one or more Father’s Day sales specials.

Consider starting your promotions about a month before the big day, so you can plant the seed with your potential buyers. Then you can couple email and social media marketing tactics into establishing a sense of urgency that leads to more sales as the day quickly approaches.

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Bonus step: Have real fathers promote your products

It is not just a product image that attracts customers. For Father’s Day sales, you want to connect with the dads that shop in your community.

What better way to connect with fathers than by having dads promote your products online?


Simple images of fathers holding your products work well.

If you want to pack a bigger holiday punch, try to collect videos of Dad’s opening their presents (from the previous holiday) so you can show how excited and amazed they are by your products.

People buy based on emotion, too, and they’d love to see the fathers in their lives light up as they unwrap their thoughtful gift.

Father And Son Hugging

In the end, Father’s Day gives your business an opportunity to increase sales by putting together an effective ecommerce program. Whether you want to use your online store to highlight Fathers’ Day sales specials or introduce your customers to the most popular products on the market, an online store can boost sales when you follow a few creative ways to make dad’s big day a special one.

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