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DPMG Models
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Short Business Description: The Dizz Pro Media Group Model Management and Training, offers fair treatment, equal opportunity, and continuous practices in the fashion industry, from the runway to Photography.
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DPMG Modeling is a platform for young Women and Men to come together as models in Beauty and Fashion along with Building Self Confidence within our Local Las Vegas Community.

Founded in 2009 by Photographer & Film Director Herbert Jones Where there is a success for everyone!

DPMG Model Management has a broad vision for the fashion industry. We believe the fashion community occupies a power platform to campaign for transformative change. To effect change, however, Models working in the industry shall have a voice in their expressions.

That “voice” can perform many forms, from industry practice to committees and Fashion Runways. As the faces of the fashion industry, models are in a powerful position to consume a new consciousness into fashion—one that can motivate fair treatment, equal opportunity, and more continuous practices in this highly influential, global industry.

By organizing a Motivated and Determined group of Fashion models, industry leaders, and academics, we aim to take in a mutually supportive system of industry leaders who will harness their best strengths to promote and coach greater transparency and accountability in the fashion industry for the fashion model, both at home and in Action. Together, we can improve the fashion industry from the runway to Photography, we believe there is a success for everyone!

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Business Phone Number: 702-625-5653
Family Court Help Line
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Short Business Description: Family Court Document Preparation
Call the Family Court Help Line for help with preparing your Family Court self-help documents in Las Vegas.
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It is very important to do your research when preparing to file with the family court, but who has time for all of that? Do you? If so, we have left the link below to get you started.
Data Entry Services
Entering information on forms can be a daunting task for some. Let our data entry team take that off your hands.
Steps Involved in a Family Court Case

Opening a Case. One person (the “Plaintiff”) files legal papers to start the court action (the "complaint") and has the other party served.
Responding to the Case. ...
Case Management Conference. ...
Mediation/Settlement. ...
Motion Practice. ...
Discovery. ...
Trial. ...

More items...
According to the Family Court Self Help Center:
The court you will appear most often as part of your family law matter is the district court. The Family Division of the Eighth Judicial District Court is where family matters are initially heard and resolved in Clark County. There are 20 family court judges in Clark County who are randomly assigned to hear every family court matter. Visit the District Court page to learn more.

Need help with getting or keeping your children?
Cannot afford an attorney or paralegal. Do it yourself and we will help you through the process.

If you need help with filling out family court documents all you have to do is call.
Our staff has 30+ years of experience with Family Courts and is responsible for the newly revise Statute.

As of February 1, 2020, the regulations set revised guidelines for calculation of a child support obligation. The calculation is presumed to meet the basic needs of a child, but the presumption may be rebutted by evidence.

The regulations define gross income for these calculations in expansive detail, stating what is and is not included for determining child support under the guidelines. The rules also include other criteria for the court to follow in determining support.

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Business Phone Number: (702) 609-3688
It Works Lifestyle Products
Address: 3260 Fountain Falls Way
North Las Vegas, NV 89032
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Short Business Description: I sell lifestyle products that will help with weight loss, hair growth, or skin problems.
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It works is a website where you can purchase products for weight loss such as our TFX fat burning dietary supplement. Our fat burning Keto coffee or maybe even our Super Greens. We have hair growth supplements that help boost the collagen in your hair and increase your biotin levels to promote stronger longer and healthier hair! We also have a distributor program ! You can make $500 extra a month !

Business Website Address: It Works Website
Business Phone Number: 702-861-8594
Michael Franklin Jr.
Address: 5010 S Maryland Pkwy
Apt. 15
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Short Business Description: Ideas Turned into Reality Change the World
I turn ideas into reality.
Long Business Description:

As a business marketing consultant, I specialize in internet marketing, Graphics, and Website Design.

When great deals come my way I love to share them with others. I can help you get your domain name and hosting at a lower cost. This is what I do.

My goal is to create a marketing and advertising company that everyone can be proud of. As a person with an artistic background which stems from my Mother who was a terrific artist. I am choosing to use my gifts in graphics and talents to mold the world around me into a work of art. All while enjoying this created world made by the one true God.

My Vision
I love to create! Art is hereditary in my family. My family tells me that my mom was an artist. Both of my brothers are artistic although we have different mothers. My son and daughters also have the artist in their DNA.

My Story
Michael Franklin Jr. started MCNM Marketing in 2006 after over 15 years of work as a warehouse and customer service associate.

Michael has worked at great companies such as Station Casinos, Bally Technologies, and Xtreme Manufacturing (Ahern Rentals). After working and excelling quickly from his hard work, ability to learn fast and improve upon such great companies as Nevada Installation Services.

He began to enter full time into the field of technology as a web developer and public relations consultant. Michael currently holds 4 Adobe Certifications in Graphic Design from Las Vegas Professional Institute of Technology & Accounting and desires to share his ability to connect online and offline with the owners of corporations in the Las Vegas area.

Visit at Michael Franklin Jr.

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