Glowing Glowing Gone: Colors of Climate Crisis

As we explored in our Visual Trend Brand Stand, consumers are increasingly demanding that brands communicate their role in social and environmental issues. Brand loyalty now depends on this stance with visuals at the forefront of effective messaging. Our creative collaboration challenges brands and industries to adopt and use these colors, as well as Adobe Stock images provided by The Ocean Agency, to share the ocean’s warning and raise awareness around the need to take action above sea level.

At Adobe MAX last year, Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Narayen celebrated that we’re living in the “golden age of creativity,” in a moment when the “power of creativity and the ability for it to have impact has never been more relevant.” The Glowing Glowing Gone campaign will start with a challenge to mobilize the creative community to use the new range of glowing colors and create attention-grabbing art and designs that raise awareness of glowing corals and the warning they represent. The art and designs will be promoted to inspire global support for action and will be showcased at key environment decision-making events. More details of the challenge, launching June 3, can be found at