Going Crazy Creative with CBD Flower Natural Remedies

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The Self-Sufficient Home Remedy Kit

If you are serious about taking responsibility for your health, it takes pre-planning. If you do not want to run to the drugstore for Tylenol for pain etc, then your CBD Flower natural remedies Cabinet must be pre-stocked. That is what we are going to do with recipes for all the items you need in your cabinet.

You will know what specifics you need. For example, if you never have pain, then perhaps that is not a remedy you feel necessary to prepare for. But if you have repeated skin irritations that you will want a good supply of salves. As you put together your home remedy kit, you will learn about your body and how it reacts to various CBD hemp flowers. When you buy an over-the-counter drug, the product insert has a long list of possible side effects while it is trying to treat a plethora of symptoms but never the cause.  When you make your own , you can have the control over quality, potency and other things to customize your product wo it works well and effectively for you.

High Grade CBD Flower Remedies

Whatever CBD product you buy to stock your home remedy cabinet, make sure that you purchase high grade and high CBD flower. Dr. Strains CBD has an increasing inventory of high CBD hemp flower and they all have 3rd party testing COAs (insert link).  If you purchase any CBD tincture oil, make sure that it is CBD oil, not hemp seed oil because it will be more potent. There may be occasions when someone want CBD isolate but remember it is ONLY CBD and does not have all the other compounds that are needed to give the Entourage Effect.

CBD Hemp Home Remedy Kit

To make it fun, gather friends to have a “CBD Hemp Flower Remedy Kit” day and everyone can go home with their remedy kit. Buying in bulk is cheaper anyway so why not make a party of it. Dr. Strains CBD has hemp flower in bulk as well (insert link). The following recipes make generous amounts of each remedy, enough to last an average family for a year. Most ingredients are cheaper in bulk, so consider getting some friends together, pooling resources, and throwing a CBD medicine making party.

CBD Topical Base Oil

Anti-Itch Cream

Sleep Aid Tincture

Smoke the Pain Away with CBD Hemp Flower

This home remedy kit would not be complete without all the supplies you need to roll your own CBD hemp flower smokes. The hemp flower nugs have a fair shelf life if kept in a cool dark place in a sealed jar. Besides the hemp flowers, you will need hemp rolling papers, hemp wick or a pipe for a dry vape to get relief of acute symptoms pain, nausea, and anxiety.

Some have problems with smoking hemp flower so now there is another alternative that is easier on the lungs. It is the dry herb vaporizer. The portable ones are small, and they heat the ground hemp flower below its smoke point to produce a vapor rather than smoke. This vapor can be inhaled. The portable dry herb vaporizers can be easily charged in a short period of time. Thus, the users are able to take them anywhere for dry herb relief on-the-go.

Dry vape pens need the hemp flower ground very fine. The dry vape pen has a chamber where you pack the ground hemp flower into. Next turn it on so the device can heat the material. Then, inhale and enjoy! When finished, turn the device off, then the ground hemp will stop vaporizing and you’ll save the dry vape device’s battery.

“Going Crazy” Last Words

Your home remedy kit can include anything that you decide to stock it with. The things that are important to you. If you have recurring headaches, then you will want some type of CBD flower remedy for pain. Always in order are ointments for the itch after a bug bite. Have fun creating your very own remedy kit.

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