$198.00 $99.00 / month

At MCNM we offer website support services to make sure your website stays up to date and useable. For a limited time, we are giving away 1 month of free website maintenance.


The MCNM Website Support Service 1-month free trial will include complete website evaluation, security check, and SEO development.

Successful websites evolve. Even when that spiffy new site is up and drawing traffic, the job is not complete. There’s always website maintenance service work to be done for SEO, performance, and security. We make sure everything stays up to date and send reports to keep you up to date as well.

Ongoing support is valuable, especially since many new website owners lack the skills or time to perform important tasks that need to be completed after a website is launched.

They have no clue how to update a site’s core software, such as a CMS like WordPress, or how to test and improve the site over time. Most likely they have no idea how to stage a change before taking it to live or reverse an update that sends things awry.

And then there’s security — hackers love to deface websites for no other reason than because they can. Even if the site owner has the skills to deal with these things, they might not have the time. You have both.


Site security is a huge problem for poorly maintained sites everywhere. Secure setup and ongoing monitoring are valuable for small businesses that can’t afford to manage it on their own.

Site backups and recovery

Backups are a must-have for every type of website, but clients are often reluctant to handle this task themselves. They fear to do something wrong.

Software updates

For many websites, especially those based on a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla!, regular updates are a fact of life.