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Online Storage

Online Storage and Backup make life easy with the ability to access your documents, photos, and videos from anywhere! It’s amazingly simple to share files with friends and family. Online Storage will save you memory space and can automatically sync files across multiple devices. Securely backup your important files and recover them with just a few clicks – never lose a file again.

A better way to back up, store, and share your files.

Only available in English.

  • 100 GB Storage Space
  • Unlimited Sharing*
  • Backup: Manual & FTP

*Subject to plan storage space limits

File sharing made easy

Online Storage and Backup makes accessing and editing your files from anywhere a seamless process! Plus our cloud storage technology allows you to keep your data coordinated across all of your computers and mobile devices.

Access Anywhere

Online Storage and Backup makes accessing your files from anywhere a seamless process. Whether you’re on your desktop or mobile phone, you can view and edit your files effortlessly.

File Syncing

As soon as you save a change to a file, that change will be synced across all your accounts. This is a great way to ensure you have the most up to date file.


Security is important when it comes to saving your files online. Online Storage and Backup has private unique encryption, SSL encryption as well as secure data storage with AES 256 encryption. Your files will be safe and secure.

Syncing Devices

There is no limit to the number of devices you can sync with your account. Feel free to use your smartphone, tablet and desktop to access and manage your files.


Disasters are impossible to predict, which is why Online Storage and Backup provides disaster recovery. We’ll help you recover your files quickly in the event of a disaster, locally or in the cloud.


Online Storage and Backup allows you to schedule backups so you are never caught off guard if something happens. You’ll have peace of mind that you’ll always be able to access your

$29.99 / per year

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