Publisher spotlight: Lyst

Lyst exists to make sure our customers can always find the fashion they want, something they truly love.

Lyst is the largest global fashion search platform, letting you search thousands of online fashion stores at once and bringing together 5 million products from 12,000 of the world’s leading brands and retailers in one place. The customer is at the center of everything Lyst does and they are continually innovating to provide them with even better ways to find the fashion that’s right for them. Liyst exists to help you find your one in a million. 

Why and when was Lyst created?

Lyst was created in 2010 with the purpose of helping customers find exactly what they’re looking for. We pride ourselves in having the largest inventory online, and aim to provide our customers with an easy and seamless experience in finding their perfect item.

In what way does Lyst utilize Affiliate Marketing? 

We host retailer inventory on the product level, either from site scrapes or product feeds, and when a customer clicks a product they are taken to that product on the retailer website.  

What kinds of products and deals resonate with your audience? 

High end luxury and streetwear resonate well with users, and though we do host sale items as well, many of our retailers see a higher percentage of full price sales from us. 

How does Lyst differentiate itself from competitors in the affiliate space? 

We host the largest online fashion inventory and analyze search trends from across the entire fashion industry, not limited by category or designer.

What are the key factors in determining which programs to join and what do you look for in an advertiser partner? 

An advertiser must be a fit for our audience, meaning that they must be fashion forward and relevant. In addition, there must be some level of brand recognition and search volume for the brand, as Lyst is not a platform for discovery. Typically our customers have an idea of what they want, and they come to us to help them find it. 

What are benefits for advertisers working with Lyst? 

To ensure their inventory is included alongside their competitors, as well as to increase traffic and revenue. We are also localized in 14 countries, and expanding rapidly into more regions. 

What is the best way that an advertiser can help support their partnership with you? 

If a UK/EU partner, to participate in Lyst powered shopping ads will be the quickest and most effective means for growth. In addition, a high CPA (16% required for new partners) will secure visibility in the algorithm, as will a full and detailed product feed. 

Why did you join the Awin and ShareASale networks, and what features do you enjoy? 

We joined Awin & ShareASale because our advertisers are on these networks. One thing I enjoy is that Awin makes their product feeds really easy to pull and has the option to select every field, assuming a retailer provides these fields. 

Do you have any upcoming promotions, new launches, or exciting news you would like to share? 

In addition to the 14 local markets we are already live in, we are planning on launching in 3 more Asian markets by the end of the year, exact countries TBD. We have also recently launched running Lyst powered shopping ads in the US, and plan to integrate more advertisers to run the ads in the coming months. Lastly, we have developed a partner dashboard, where advertisers can see reporting and how they compare to their competition in terms of CPA, revenue, traffic, conversion rate, etc.

Has there been a pivotal shift or turning point in your affiliate activities within the last 12 months? If so, what was it?

The creation of CSS, the result of the EU ruling that Google had a monopoly on the shopping ads space, marked a shift in our offerings and affiliate activity. When this space opened to comparison shopping sites only, Lyst began participating with willing partners immediately, and we have seen great success. During 2018, we actively encouraged our EU partners to give CSS through Lyst a try, and this became the main source of growth for participating partners. Because of the massive success of CSS in the EU, we began exploring the same opportunity in the US in 2019. 

 Interested in partnering with Lyst? Please contact our publisher management team.

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