What’s Happening!

PEC Finances is excited to announce, in 2018 Junior and Senior High School scholars participating in “PEC Quest for the Pot of Gold Entrepreneurship with Financial Literacy workshop series can qualify to receive three transferable college credits at an accredited university, giving them the opportunity to graduate from high school with college credits.   PEC Finances is an honor to form a partnership with a […]

Great Ways To Give: In-Kind Gifts and Pro Bono Services

Most people think monetary donation is the only way to assist non-profits. Many businesses donate their products to charity, often referred to as “in-kind” gifts “or “pro bono” when companies offer their services for free. Often time the company charitable donation of its products can qualify for a charitable deduction within tax limitations. Unfortunately, staff […]

Why Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy is a big problem in the United States. In recent studies only 9.4% of American students performed at the top level in a financial literacy test that included such tasks as calculating the balance on a bank statement and interpreting income tax brackets. Statistics have shown Nevada ranked lowest in Financially Literacy in […]