Build Landing Pages That Stand Out with New Templates and Easy to Use Features

Build landing pages that stand out with new templates and easy to use features

We know your passion is your business (whether it’s full time, side-hustle or a passion project) and not necessarily designing landing pages. 

So we took care of that for you. We put together beautiful, ready-to-use landing page templates. The best part? They’re already in your account.  

Each landing page is professionally designed and chock full of content ideas to help you get started. All you need to do is add your logo and a few other content elements to customize the landing page. Creating a high-converting landing page shouldn’t be difficult, so we’re already adding new landing page templates to help you convert more subscribers.

AWeber landing page gallery

Why you need a landing page, even if you have a website

The purpose of a website is to encourage visitors to learn about you and your business by visiting different web pages. The problem is that websites can distract your visitor from the one action you want them to take: sign up for a specific service, attend an event, purchase a product, or download a piece of content. 

On the other hand, a landing page is a single web page built to drive visitors to take one specific action. It intentionally limits where visitors can navigate to limit distraction. A landing page is an awesome opportunity to provide incredible value to your visitors, turn followers into subscribers, and engage with your audience at a deeper, more meaningful level. 

A landing page can be part of your website. If you have a WordPress website, AWeber makes it super easy to add your AWeber landing page to your WordPress website. But you don’t need a website to have a landing page. 

The power of the AWeber Landing Page Builder

AWeber’s landing page builder is a powerful tool to grow your business without the restrictions and limits of many of the other landing page and email marketing companies.

“With AWeber’s Landing Page Builder, you can have a fully functioning website out of the box without paying for anything more. We know it can get challenging, managing, and paying for multiple solutions. AWeber provides one unified place where you can manage everything,” says Andrew Prawl, AWeber Product Manager.

Why invest hours or thousands of dollars into creating a multi-page website when you can launch a landing page to test an idea or a concept in minutes for free?

New landing page templates to stand out in the inbox 

Whether you are just starting a new business or want to grow your audience, the AWeber Landing Page Builder is a powerfully simple way to make a fantastic first impression on your visitors. .

You only have 8 seconds to make an impression with a landing page. AWeber’s design team recently created two new landing page templates to help you accomplish two essential tasks:

  • Thank you page with animation to get the attention of your subscribers
  • Consultation service template to help that vertical grow their audience   

Thank You landing page template

A Thank You landing page gives you the opportunity to thank your audience for taking the desired action. You can also use your thank you page to provide additional information about your business, include a code for a discount on future purchases, or even provide a link to download free content.

AWeber’s new Thank You page template includes a cool interactive animation element to help our customers create a remarkable experience for their visitors. All you need to do is add your logo and customize the welcome text.

1. Update the Thank You landing page template to include your logo

2. Customize the welcome text as desired. 

Consultation landing page template

In the Consultation landing page template, AWeber does 90% of the work for you by including a few different layout options, content ideas for you to add, and even some sample text. 

“I really like that our Consultation landing page template has different layout options, including a video section and a testimonial section. It gives our users the flexibility to pick and choose what they want. So they can quickly customize their landing pages and start growing their business,” says Prawl.

1. Scroll down the landing page template to determine which of the layout elements you want to keep and customize. 

2. Click on the element you want to keep and customize

Not sure what to write? Get AWeber’s ebook on How to Write Landing Pages That Convert to learn how to create amazing landing pages.

Navigate new landing page options by looking for a badge

AWeber is committed to regularly adding new landing page templates to our gallery.  To help you identify new landing page design options, you will see the “new” badge on all recent additions.

Badge for a new landing page

We are always looking for feedback on our landing pages. Please let us know what other landing page templates or features you would like to help grow your business. 

Try these exciting new features that make it easy to grow your audience.

More image alignment options

We’ve added more flexibility to how images are displayed in the AWeber Message Editor and Landing Page Builder.  There are now five display options for images, both text wrapping, and float (images without text wrapping).

“We added these capabilities because we wanted to give our customers the ability to customize how an image appears in our Email Message Editor and our Landing Page Builder.  Including both of these options in our Landing Page Builder and our Email Message Editor,  saves our customers the time of manipulating images so they can focus on their content and growing their business,” says Prawl. 

  1. Word wrap right
  2. Word wrap left
  3. Float center 
  4. Float right
  5. Float left

Hover effects element

AWeber landing pages now support hover functionality. What is a hover effect? When your visitors move their cursor around the landing page, there is now an option to change the mouse over effect with a new color for  links and buttons when a user hovers on that element.  

To create a hover color, simply navigate to the button or link option. You will find, in addition to the ability to create a color for the element, a second option to select a hover color. This functionality works for both buttons and links.  

1. Select the button element

2. Click on the hover option and select a hover color for the button

3. Select the link element

4. Click on the hoover option and select the hover color for the link

Create your own landing page without coding of technical skills — for FREE.

AWeber’s email marketing platform includes unlimited landing pages with every plan — no technical skills required! Just drag and drop images, text, buttons, videos, and forms into our professionally designed landing pages. Plus, you’ll also get unlimited emails, email automation, sign up forms, and email analytics.

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How to Promote Your Landing Page and Grow Your Email List

How to Promote Your Landing Page

You know that an awesome landing page is the first step to growing your list, selling more, and building relationships with your audience. 

So, you built one. You took time to write convincing landing page copy. You’re ready to send your new subscribers value-packed emails. But there’s one problem.

How do you actually get people to your landing page to sign up?

That’s why we asked three experts to share how they drive traffic to their landing pages, and they shared some of the best strategies to help you begin promoting your own landing page. Read on to learn what they had to say. 

Social media is a great way to promote your landing page — as long as you’ve built credibility first.

Sam Flynn, Social Media Trainer & Speaker, Managing Director, Planet Social Media

Social media is a perfect driver of traffic to your landing page.

The first step is to make sure you are clear on who your social media audience is. Once you have a good idea, think about what would drive them to want to go to your landing page. Is there a lead magnet that is highly relevant ? And, how can you get this across to them?

In terms of your call-to-action (CTA), you will need more than a simple “click here to get x.” Be more descriptive of the benefits behind this particular lead magnet. Give them value in the post itself, such as one of the points covered on your lead magnet, then direct them to your landing page for more.

You could also use video as part of your strategy, sharing a short video elaborating on one point covered in your lead magnet, then directing them to your lead magnet to get the remaining points. If you are speaking to a camera, be sure to include subtitles, for accessibility for all and to cater for those who will listen without audio.

Finally, make sure you build up your credibility with your audience by sharing a range of posts, especially those that demonstrate your expertise. They’ll be far more likely to click through to your landing page if they think they are going to get results from doing so!

When done right, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to drive traffic to your landing page.

Sean Tinney, Demand Generation Manager, AWeber

The most highly engaged, highest converting customers come from SEO, in my experience.  These are potential customers who are actively searching for a specific product or service. But in order for SEO to be effective, you need to do your research and add keywords to your landing page that provide the answer to what people are searching for.

Here at AWeber, we are providing marketing services to help our customers grow their business. So when I build a landing page using our AWeber landing page builder, I make sure I’m using keywords that potential customers might be searching for. 

The more targeted or specific your keywords, the greater the likelihood of success. Very popular terms and keywords tend to be highly competitive, so search terms that are more specific tend to be easier to rank for.

Measure, track results, and adjust course.

Cathy McPhillips, VP of Marketing at Content Marketing Institute 

We promote our landing pages a number of ways: blog post calls-to-action (CTAs), banner ads on our website, social media, email promotions, and through our webinar speakers and Content Marketing Institute team members. Each of these tactics has a sourced URL so we’re able to evaluate the effectiveness and the timing promotions. 

For example, if we’re posting on social media four weeks before a webinar, but 90% of our webinar signups through social media happen 28 hours before the event, then we shouldn’t be posting on social media so early. We also are able to see our key influencers which helps us fine tune our distribution strategy.

We also use different copy for each of our promotions to the landing page, because this page or webinar will appeal to our personas in different ways. We have found that pulling data, discussing key takeaways, or asking questions that the landing page will answer are the best ways to engage our customers and to get them to take that next step toward conversion.

Build your own landing page today.

AWeber’s Landing Page Builder makes creating a landing page for your business easy. Get started with AWeber Free to start building your landing page and growing your list today. 

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Why You Need a ‘Thank You’ Page

Why you need a 'thank you' page

Congratulations — a new subscriber joined your list! Now it’s time to start sending them valuable free content and begin building trusting relationships over email — right?

Yes, but here’s the truth: your subscribers will never be more engaged with you than in the minutes after they sign up for your list.


Because that’s the moment they’ve decided to welcome you into their inbox. They have decided that you’re someone worth hearing from, and they’re eager to see what you have to offer them.

That’s why a strong ‘thank you’ page could make a big impact on your bottom line. Capitalize on subscribers’ newfound interest and eagerness to engage with you by using your ‘thank you’ page as an opportunity to sell.

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AWeber’s CEO Tom Kulzer recently joined The Thoughtful Entrepreneur podcast to talk about how ‘thank you’ pages are often a hidden opportunity for conversions.

“The ‘thank you’ page is a dead end on many businesses’ sites. However, when it’s used correctly to offer an upsell, it can be one of the highest converting pages on your site,” Kulzer said.

That’s because new subscribers display three characteristics that mean they’re ready to buy from you: 

  1. They know and understand who you are.
  2. They understand the problem that you’re solving for them.
  3. They’ve already given you their email address. 

“Offering something additional that you can sell to them can generate a tremendous amount of new revenue. If you’re not using this page, it’s a huge missed opportunity.”

Hear more of Kulzer’s takeaways on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur podcast.


Want to create a custom ‘thank you’ page in AWeber using the Landing Page Builder? 

We guide you step-by-step in this video.

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How This Travel Blogger Used Email Marketing to Grow — Even When the Tourism Industry Lost $2.7 Trillion in Revenue

Michele Frolla owner of the Intrepid Guide

Michele Frolla is a travel and language blogger at The Intrepid Guide. She earns a living from affiliate commissions, advertising revenue, and working with tourism boards to promote destinations.

Unfortunately, when the world stopped traveling, affiliate income and ad revenue for bloggers in the travel industry stopped too. But for Frolla, COVID-19 has been a blessing in disguise. “It has forced my hand to do something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” says Frolla.

Frolla always wanted to launch a language program to teach her audience new languages. To help her decide if this was the right direction to take her business, Frolla turned to her email marketing platform and email subscribers.

It turns out her audience is as interested in language as the destination where the language is spoken.

So she launched a new language program using email marketing for every step of the process.

Here’s how she did it.

Build your email list to protect yourself from the unknown

Frolla learned the hard way, as did many in the travel industry, that things can change overnight.

The World Travel and Tourism Council is projecting a global loss of 100 million jobs and $2.7 trillion in revenue due to COVID-19. And Statista forecasts that global revenue for the travel and tourism industry will be down 34.7% in 2020.

Explore new revenue opportunities

The COVID-19 experience led Frolla to take a good look at her business and consider how she could continue earning money that’s not dependent on travel, advertising revenue, or social media platforms. 

As a travel and language blogger, Frolla’s previous revenue sources had included income from affiliate commissions, advertising revenue, and working with tourism boards to promote destinations. Unfortunately, when the world stopped traveling, Frolla’s affiliate income and ad revenue from the travel industry stopped too.

That’s why she decided to investigate the option of creating a language education program. With a program like this, she could continue to provide value and a service to her audience — even when they can’t travel. 

“I can sell my language products. My audience can purchase the product and use it when they’re commuting, at home, or traveling. It’s something that I’m quite passionate about and makes sense with the way things have been for the tourism industry the past few months, “says Frolla.

To promote her new language program, Frolla knew she would need a larger email list. 

Frolla used 2 tools to grow her email list and welcome new subscribers.

1. A landing page

When Frolla first created her travel blog, she knew that email marketing was important. She chose AWeber because she wanted to go with a platform that was going to grow with her. “I’m getting my head around the incredible power of the tool,” says Frolla.

Frolla has found that landing pages created with AWeber’s Landing Page Builder are an awesome way to grow a list by being able to share specific information. She drives traffic to her landing page from her social media, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

The Intrepid Guide landing page

“The landing page was easy to set up. I decided to direct traffic to a certain landing page to get my language and travel tips, as opposed to having pop-ups all the time or having a sign up form that might not get seen,” says Frolla.

2. Automated email campaigns

After someone enters their contact information on your sign up form or landing page, you should immediately send an automated email to welcome them to your email list. This is exactly what Frolla does with AWeber’s email automation platform Campaigns. 

Frolla welcomes subscribers to her list, includes links to some of her most popular content, and sets expectations on how often she will communicate with subscribers.

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The Intrepid Guide autoresponder

Your email list is an excellent way to gather product feedback.

Frolla uses email marketing to identify users and provide feedback before she launched her product. 

Recruit your most loyal followers to test your product.

Frolla recruited some of her most loyal subscribers to be part of a testing team for her new product. Via email, she sent them a form to apply to be a part of her testing team. It allowed her to get real user experiences to improve her course.

The Intrepid Guide testing team email

Don’t forget to ask for testimonials.

She also was able to get testimonials from her testing team Frolla uses the testimonials in all of her promotional materials as social proof of its impact.

The Intrepid Guide testimonial quote

The Intrepid Guide testimonial quote

The Intrepid Guide testimonial quote

Promote your product to your list

Frolla announced to her entire email list and on social media that she had a new course coming to create some buzz around the launch.

How to Master Common Italian Phrases course

Giveaways can get your audience’s attention.

Frolla gave away two free courses as part of the launch. In the email, she made it super easy to enter the giveaway by including a link to enter.

The Intrepid Guide giveaway email

Explain why you’re passionate about your product

A lot of your audience may purchase the product because of the creator as much as the content. While it is essential to detail the features and benefits of your product, don’t forget to tell your audience why this product is important to you. 

How to get other people to promote your product 

The power of email is magnified when you can get others to promote your product using their own email list. You should never buy an email list. But you can extend your reach when influencers or affiliates promote your product to their own lists. 

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Extend your reach by creating an affiliate relationship with influencers.

An affiliate arrangement can be a win-win situation for everyone if done right. 

It helps you quickly grow your audience by introducing you and your product to a whole new group of people. You can set up your affiliate program so that you and your affiliate both earn a percentage of revenue every time someone purchases your product. The affiliate, or influencer, will receive a commission for each product they sell. 

How Frolla created her affiliate group 

Frolla reached out to people in the language community — bloggers that she knows and trusts and bloggers who know and trust Frolla.   

The communication Frolla sent was straightforward. She would send an email or message on social media and say: “Hey, I’ve got this course coming out. Would you help me promote it?”

If Frolla received confirmation that they were open to promote her product, she would send them a link to a Google form so they could provide details to set them up as an affiliate.

Expand your affiliate group beyond your network.

Frolla also expanded her outreach to people she did not personally know. With the Facebook community administrator’s permission, she posted in private Facebook groups and asked the group members if they would like to become an affiliate.

She also reached out to content creators of courses Frolla had previously signed up for or taken. Since she was familiar with their class, she could be sure they created quality content and had an audience with similar interests to Frolla’s own audience.

Make it easy for your affiliates to promote your product. 

Frolla uses a course creation platform (Teachable) that makes it easy for customers to purchase her product and for affiliates to get their commission. There are several platforms available, so make sure the platform that you are considering integrates with the tools you are already using — like AWeber.  

Frolla includes bonuses that are exclusive to her product and only available for a limited time, so there is an urgency to take action.

Frolla also sends her affiliates a product launch kit that includes:

  • Social media banners for FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • A sequence of six emails for her affiliates to customize to their audience.
  • Product information.
  • A list of benefits of being an affiliate.
  • The retail price.
  • The commission percentages that affiliates earn.
  • Launch dates.

The Intrepid Guide twitter social media post

Pro tip: Make the process as easy as possible for your affiliates. Do all the heavy lifting for your affiliates so they can focus on promoting your product. 

Send email swipe copy to your affiliates.

To make it ridiculously easy for affiliates to promote your product or services, send them email swipe copy. They can quickly customize the email content and send it to their list. 

Frolla sends her affiliates a document containing a 6-part email sequence. She includes email copy and images of the product. She recommends that each affiliate adapts the emails to their own voice.  

Here’s what the email sequence covers:

Email 1: Introduction to course 

Email 2:  Benefits of learning italian

Email 3: Frequently asked questions about Intrepid Italian

Email 4: What people say about Intrepid Italian (testimonials)

Email 5: Creates urgency. (24 hours left to buy)

Email 6: Final warning. (2 hours left to buy)

Try AWeber and start growing your business online.

You’ll get everything Frolla  uses to grow her own business online — including sign up forms, newsletters, and landing pages.

Start your 30-day free trial today.

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Grow Your Ecommerce Business with New Landing Pages, Pre-Built Automation Series, and Email Templates

Landing page to sell product

Are you looking for a faster way to sell products online and launch an email marketing strategy that’s customized to your ecommerce business? 

Look no further! At AWeber, we’ve done 90% of the work for you, so you can quickly start using email marketing to sell more products. 

AWeber provides a complete solution — landing pages, email templates, pre-built cart abandonment campaigns  — specifically designed for businesses that sell products online.

Ecommerce landing pages

Ecommerce websites have grown increasingly complex. And that complexity has come with a cost: What was once a simple, straightforward way to show what your store offers has become a tangled web of upsells, blogs, and information about the company.

An ecommerce landing page, in contrast, drives visitors to take one specific action. It removes all other distractions and intentionally limits where visitors can navigate. An effective landing page eliminates anything that could be distracting — like navigation menus and other unrelated or distracting content. 

It is built with one specific purpose: to get people to take a single action — like downloading a lead magnet, subscribing to your email list, buying your product, or thanking them for a recent purchase.

How AWeber helps you sell with landing pages

The AWeber Landing Page Builder is the powerfully-simple way to create awesome-looking landing pages that will grow your audience while making your business look great. 

AWeber allows you to create as many landing pages as you need, and there is no additional charge for hosting. You can create:

  • Lead generation pages to convince people to join your email list.
  • Sales pages to sell products to your audience.
  • Thank you or confirmation pages to display to people after they subscribe or purchase.

The AWeber Landing Page Builder seamlessly integrates with your AWeber account. Anyone who completes your landing page joins your AWeber email list automatically — no extra setup required.

You don’t need coding or technical skills. Use the drag & drop builder to add images, update text, and customize your design. 

The AWeber Landing Page Builder even includes suggested copy in each landing page template and access to the AWeber image library of free stock images. 

AWeber landing page templates

AWeber’s landing page template gallery includes email templates specifically designed to help you sell products online. 

Online course sales landing page

The online course landing page helps visitors understand what your course is all about. You can add what visitors will learn, the cost, and testimonials from happy customers.

Landing page for selling an online course.

Product sales landing page

Product landing pages have one goal: To convince visitors to take a particular action — like purchasing or downloading more information.

Landing page to sell a product online

Gated or exclusive content sales landing page

Landing pages give content creators the option to sell memberships to gated or exclusive content.

Exclusive content landing page

12 ecommerce email templates to send one-time or automated emails

Want to promote your sales landing pages or follow up with subscribers after they join your email list? Send one-time or automated emails to them using one of AWeber’s email templates. 

AWeber includes over 700 pre-built professionally templates to choose from to connect to your audience — including email templates specifically designed to help grow ecommerce sales.

Use one — or all — of the 12 email templates below to sell your ecommerce products, offer a sale to subscribers, deliver coupons, and more!

Ecommerce templates

Turn a visitor into a loyal customer with cart abandonment campaigns

What is a cart abandonment email campaign?

A cart abandonment campaign is an email or set of emails that reminds users to finish purchasing the items they left in their shopping cart.

Three out of 4 shoppers abandon their cart before checking out. With a cart abandonment campaign, you can connect with a visitor that abandoned their cart and motivate them to complete the sale. 

People who have added your product to their shopping cart but don’t finish the purchase have incredibly high potential to become customers. 

Cart abandonment emails represent small business owners’ best opportunity to continue the conversation with valuable audience shoppers. Cart abandonment emails can generate conversion rates 3x higher than average automated flows. 

How to import a pre-built cart abandonment campaign into your AWeber account

AWeber has pre-built automated email campaigns — including cart abandonment campaigns — so you can automate your email marketing in a matter of minutes. To import the campaign into your AWeber account, simply go to the AWeber Marketplace and:

  1. Import the pre-built campaign by copying the sharing code.
  2. Then, go into campaigns. Click the green “Create a Campaign” button and select “Import a Campaign.”
  3. Paste the sharing code you copied into the pop-up window. The cart abandonment campaign will then be added to your account.


Within the Campaign Options menu, you’ll be able to specify if a contact can enter a campaign once or multiple times. The multiple entries option is particularly important if you have a product that someone may purchase more than once. 

Campaign re-entry option box

AWeber is an ecommerce company’s best friend!

AWeber makes selling ecommerce products powerfully-simple and easy. By instantly providing you the ability to integrate your email marketing with your ecommerce store, you can communicate with your audience in the time and space they choose to sell both products and services. 

AWeber works with all of the leading ecommerce platforms to help level the playing field for small and middle-sized businesses — including WooCommerce, Shopify, Paypal, Etsy, SAMCart, JVZoo, Warrior Plus, Clickbank, 3dcart, Stripe, and many others.

Use email marketing to grow your ecommerce business!

Whether you’re starting a new business, need to grow your audience, or you run an established ecommerce business, AWeber provides a powerfully simple email marketing solution for any small business.

AWeber’s email marketing platform includes unlimited landing pages with every plan, unlimited emails, email automation, sign up forms, and email analytics.

Sign up today for your 30-day free trial

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How to Write Convincing Sales Landing Pages Even if You’re Not a Copywriter

How to Write Convincing Sales Landing Pages Even If You're Not a Copywriter

The best copywriters write with two things in mind: their audience and the action they want their audience to take. 

That means great writers adjust their copy for each marketing channel. While many of the writing techniques and strategies are similar, writing a landing page that converts visitors into subscribers is not the same as writing an email, social copy, or a blog post.

To help you write high-performing content for your landing pages, we asked professional copywriters to share their best writing tips. 

Check out what they had to say. 

Landing page copy should help people solve their frustrations and achieve their aims.

Henneke Duistermaat, Founder of Enchanting Marketing

What I see going wrong most often on landing pages is that we’re so focused on what we want to sell, that we forget to explain WHY people may want to buy it. 

So, always start with sneaking into the mind of potential buyers: 

  1. What problem do they want to escape? How does that problem make them feel?
  2. What aim do they want to achieve? How will that improve their lives? 

A product bridges the gap between where people are right now and where they want to be. For instance, someone might buy a course to improve their LinkedIn skills because they feel they’re wasting too much time achieving nothing (that’s their frustration) and they want to get more interaction and quality business leads (that’s their aim). The landing page should describe what people will learn so they can solve their frustrations and achieve their aims.

When you align your offer with what web visitors want to achieve (and when you do so using their words), it becomes much easier to increase conversions. 

Always remember: People don’t buy a product, they buy a better life.

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Clarity will always beat complexity.

Amy Woods, Founder of Content 10x

Jargon and buzzwords sound smart, but do they sound like something an actual human would say – or buy? Would you hire a gardener or a grassland cultivation and management disruptor?

The best businesses sell their products and themselves in simple words.

Going into detail and using industry-specific language is not a sin – it’s just that you need to find the right place to do so. Your landing page needs to be laser-focused on what you do, who you do it for, and very importantly what problem you solve.

This means focusing on the end-state, not the processes and features. A gardener doesn’t sell 2 hours of horticulture, they sell a beautiful garden for you to enjoy and show off to your neighbors.

To make this clear you need to have ONE simple call to action – and make it fun! “Make My Garden Beautiful”, not “Enquire”.

Ask someone who’s never heard of your business before to look at your landing page and see if they can tell you those three essential points after 5 or 10 seconds of reading: what you do, who you do it for, and what problem you solve.

If they can’t, it’s time to go back to the strategic illustration and writing display solution… Sorry, the drawing board.

BONUS: Download our free guide “How to Write Landing Pages that Convert.”

Great copywriting joins the conversation already happening in customers’ minds.

Joel Klettke, Founder of Business Casual Copywriting

Great writers are great researchers. If an entrepreneur wants to write “amazing” copy, they need to understand the audience they’re communicating with inside and out:

  • Who are they, really?
  • What pain points are they trying to solve?
  • What outcomes do they care about?
  • Why would they see your solution as an ideal alternative to anything else out there?

Moreover, you need to understand these things in their own words. 

That means talking to customers through surveys, interviews, chat, review mining… doing the homework to learn how they talk about their problem, their need, and their ideal outcome.

Once you’ve done that, it’s less of an exercise in “wordsmithing” (gag) and more like building with Lego: putting the right pieces together to sell. 

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The big mistake so many entrepreneurs make is assuming they know their market already. The things that are important to you as the entrepreneur may not matter to your audience as much as you think they do.

The way you talk about things may not reflect how they think. And that’s what great copywriting really is: joining the conversation already happening in the customers’ mind and subtly influencing the way they consider your offer.

And, landing pages need to be ruthlessly focused. Every line needs to earn its right to be there.

If you’re driving ads to a landing page or targeting a very specific set of keywords, then you’ve got a decent idea of the awareness level a lead is coming in at.

Everything on the page needs to be building a case towards a conversion (getting a lead to take action); there’s little to no room for waste. 

Answer these 10 questions to write awesome landing page copy.

Gill Andrews, Conversion Copywriter & Web Consultant

Answering these 10 questions will help you figure out what your landing page copy needs to say to convert prospects into customers to help you write awesome copy:

  1. What is it that you’re selling?
  2. Who will benefit from your offer most?
  3. How much do your prospects know about their problems and your solution?
  4. What problems does your offer solve?
  5. What results do your prospects expect?
  6. What reservations / fears do they have?
  7. What criteria do they use when deciding whether to buy from you?
  8. What words do your existing customers use exactly to answer questions 4-7? Use those words in your copy.
  9. Why should they buy from you and not your competitors?  
  10. Who are your competitors?

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Write like a human to earn visitors’ trust.

Christine Otsuka, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Uberflip

Landing pages are designed for one purpose—conversion. So landing page copy needs to be both attention grabbing and persuasive. Here are a few tips to help you hone your conversion copywriting skills:

  • Spend time writing a killer headline. This is the visitor’s first impression and if the copy doesn’t entice them to keep reading, the rest of the page doesn’t matter. 
  • Keep it simple. Get to the point as quickly as possible and strip out any jargon or ambiguity. Aim to be clear, considerate, and concise.
  • Write like a human. Use short sentences and write the way you speak. You want your visitors’ attention and trust, so be relatable.
  • Lead with your value proposition. What’s in it for the visitor? The benefit needs to be  clearly articulated, aligned to their pain or need, and believable or specific to be persuasive.
  • Empathize. Relate to your visitors’ problem or pain and show them your company understands and can help.
  • Don’t forget your proof points. Use supporting copy to further describe the offer/product/service, support your value prop, and back up your claims with stats or testimonials. 
  • Ask for what you want. Include a clear call-to-action that’s short and sweet (button copy should be three words or less) and makes it clear to the visitor what will happen next.
  • Test for best results. A/B test the copy with a variation to maximize conversions. You can follow best practices all you want, but ultimately testing is your best bet to learn what works for your specific audience.

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