We’re Loving These Experience Trends on Eventbrite this Month

Eventbrite, which powered 3.9 million events in 170 countries last year, sees all types of unique experiences across the globe. Among the wealth of experiences, which event trends have been standing out? This month, we share three totally unrelated experiences on our radar: Walking Tours and Comic Con.

Walking Tours

As millennials increasingly depend on social media to plan their next vacation, they’re overlooking one unique and fun way to explore a city: Walking Tours. Although they’ve been around for a while, walking tours have become more creative and popular. For example, San Francisco Neon Tours offers five tours throughout the city, letting the neon signs guide the group through the area’s history and architecture, and the $25 biweekly tour often sell out weeks in advance! Overall, we’ve seen more than 7,000 walking tours on the platform last year, a nearly 20% increase from 2017.

London tops the list of cities with the most walking tours, with Florence, Miami Beach, and Sao Paulo trailing behind. In the U.S., San Francisco and Williamsburg are the winning cities with the most walking tours. Next time you plan a trip, try looking for a walking tour in the area!


San Diego Comic-Con International, or “SDCC” for short, is a multi-genre entertainment and comic convention held every July in San Diego. We can tell fans are excited to plan their itineraries, because “SDCC” is the third most-searched term on Eventbrite over the last seven days, after “Mother’s Day” and “Mondo,” a global summit and music festival in NYC.

Even though the main event is not ticketed by Eventbrite, there are plenty of offshoot events that keep the party going. Why? In a recent survey, Eventbrite found that 65% of fans attend conventions to “meet new friends,” and 15% said they specifically look for love at cons. Whether it’s a meet-up for kids, a pub crawl, or a DJ set at a nightclub, there’s something for everyone during Comic-Con in San Diego – so if you’re planning to be there for the four-day extravaganza, make sure you plan ahead.

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